Healthy sleep requires a sufficient amount of uninterrupted, good, quality sleep. Sleep is needed for rest, repair and growth!

However most babies and infants wake up during the night, usually as they transition from one stage of sleep to another. Developmental milestones can also effect a child’s sleep such as teething, growth spurts or as the brain and body are learning new skills such as crawling, walking and talking.

So below is a chart which lists the average amount your child should be sleeping. Of course, every child is different. The best way to judge if they’re getting enough sleep is to look at how they behave when they’re awake. Are they ratty and irritable, clumsy or do they have exaggerated emotions?
Also learn to recognise the signs that indicate when they’re tired, yawns, sucks their thumb or dummy and is wanting cuddles. In the lead up to bedtime always create an environment which is conducive to sleep. It should be calm and relaxed. A short, warm bath followed by a couple of stories in a cool, darkened room should help aid a restful nights sleep.

How are your little pickles sleeping?